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What is Scheduler Link?

Scheduler Link is a connector app, developed by Mocknick Apps that integrates Acuity Scheduling with Infusionsoft. When a client schedules an appointment through your Acuity app, Scheduler Link automatically adds your new client as a contact in Infusionsoft along with all of the appointment and payment information, and even straight to your Infusionsoft Calendar!

Scheduler Link helps you easily track past and future appointments with your clients!

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What is Acuity Scheduling?

Acuity Scheduling is an online scheduling system allows your clients to schedule cancel and reschedule their you themselves! Set up your appointment type, your business hours, availability, intake forms, integrate to your website and let your clients do the rest!

If you need an easy, reliable way for your clients to schedule appointments with you, you don’t need to look any further … Acuity Scheduling is the answer!

Are you not sure where to begin?

Mocknick Apps offers a complete ‘Acuity Certified Expert Done for You’ Package that will take care of your entire Acuity setup and implementation!

Features of Scheduler Link

Track Your Clients Past and Future Appointments

When your client schedules an appointment in Acuity, Scheduler Link will automatically add that appointment information to the clients’ contact record in Infusionsoft. This gives you full visibility of your schedule and your teams schedule as well as a record of your clients’ past and future appointments.

Tag Your Contacts Based on Their Appointment Type

Scheduler Link is able to add multiple tags to your clients’ contact record within Infusionsoft! Tags can be applied based on whether they are a new client, or even what type of appointment they scheduled with you. The best part is, Infusionsoft tags can be used as triggers within your Infusionsoft campaigns! These campaigns can be used to send additional details or what they need to know before their appointment, remind them to schedule a follow-up appointment and more!

You Will Have Consistent Appointment Information

All appointment details are brought from Acuity to Infusionsoft! If your client reschedules or cancels their appointment, Scheduler link updates that information in Infusionsoft, in the clients’ contact record and on your Infusionsoft calendar. Any notes added to a scheduled appointment in Acuity are brought over to the contacts appointment record in Infusionsoft as well. Scheduler Link ensures that your information across both apps is consistent.

Acuity Payments Are Added To Your Infusionsoft App

When payment is taken at the time of scheduling, Scheduler Link creates a paid order in Infusionsoft that reflects that the payment has processed in the clients’ Infusionsoft contact record!


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What will my subscription cost?

I own and operate a smaller small business and balancing time with my family and work has been tough at times. Mocknick apps support has been a breath of fresh air with their timely and efficient responses to questions or issues as well as actually being able to speak with a living person. I highly recommend them. - Dec 29, 2016

Kevin Moran Moran Method

Our business is complex and sells products and services, both online and in-person. This model has forced us to use multiple systems and many connectors in order to have seamless, automated data flow. I can say with confidence, that the quality and responsiveness of Mocknick Apps customer service has been world class! We have unique needs and they made sure to develop new features in the areas where there weren’t existing integrations. Acuity Scheduling is a solid, reasonably-priced online scheduling tool. It fit our needs better than the more expensive ones. However, there were some limitations of the software that we were able to work around by leveraging Infusionsoft’s automation and the connector. We have hundreds of transactions per month and have improved our quality while also saving a significant amount of time by integrating Infusionsoft and Acuity Scheduling using Scheduler Link. We are grateful for their expertise and unequivocally recommend this app. - Sep 14, 2016

Michael Gremley President & COO of Natural Acne Clinic

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