Welcome to Mocknick Apps!

You have to follow the steps below to configure your app. Click here to watch a video that shows how to complete these steps.

Step 1: Watch the video on how to get started with Scheduler Link.
Step 2: Complete the webform below. Review the disclaimer page and click sign-up to create your Scheduler Link Account.
Step 3: Enter your email and password for your account. Please use the same email that you used to complete the webform. 
Step 4: Now you are logged in, you are at the Scheduler Link user interface. At this point we are gathering information in order to get authorization access your Acuity App and your Infusionsoft App. The user interface will walk you through these steps. Acuity asks that we provide the API User ID and API Key. If you login to your Acuity Account, this will make it easier for you to access this information (we have a link to access your API credentials in the Scheduler Link User Interface). You also need to enter your Infusionsoft App id. Click next to proceed to the authorization step.
Step 5: Click authorize for each app. Here you are going to use your login credentials: your email address and password for each one (Infusionsoft and Acuity Scheduling).
Step 6: In this step we check to make sure that your app has all the configuration steps necessary for the integration to work!

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