A Tale of Longtime Friends

Simone and Lidiane were born in the same year and in the same state.
Simone was born and raised inland, Lidiane grew up on the coast.
Simone is blond, Lidiane is brunet.
They are far away and very close.
Simone is in Brazil, Lidiane is in the US.
When they were teenagers, they both moved to Florianópolis.
They met at the University of Santa Catarina
They were both part of the Computer Science Class.
They are similar and different at the same time.
Lidiane was always out and about, Simone liked peace and quiet.
They took classes together, worked hard together,
traveled together, and sometimes went to parties together.
Simone graduated first, Lidiane right after.
After graduation, they had entrepreneurial aspirations.
But life got in the way…
Simone became a Master in Knowledge Engineering.
Lidiane immigrated to the US and got an MBA.
Now, the time is right and the business opportunity is bright!

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