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Our mission is to find the perfect solution for your business!

At Mocknick Apps we create solutions to fill integration gaps between Acuity Scheduling and Infusionsoft.

Coaching, Consultations, and 'Done For You' packages.

We provide a wide range of services to our clients. Schedule a consultation to find out what apps are going to be the most beneficial for your business. Get coaching on how to best implement your current apps. If you just want it off your plate we offer complete ‘Done For You’ packages! We even offer custom coded solutions using Infusionsoft or Acuity API to achieve even more with your current system.

Mocknick Apps is an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant
Mocknick Apps is an Acuity Certified Expert

Schedule a 1-Hour Coaching Session with Mocknick Apps

A 1 Hour Coaching session could be exactly what you need! We provide coaching for businesses at all stages and with various levels of experience. You might not have any idea what apps you should be using or you might be wanting to optimize your processes. We will guide you through your best course of action.

We know you are too busy running your business to review articles and webinars to improve your app configuration. Schedule today to speak with a human that will provide you with high quality support!

Products and Services

Mocknick Apps Scheduler Link

Scheduler Link

Scheduler link is Mocknick Apps solution to integrating Acuity Scheduling with Infusionsoft.

  • Track a clients past and future appointments under their contact record within Infusionsoft.
  • Tag your contacts based on appointment types that they have scheduled with you.
  • Store appointment information from Acuity in their contact record in Infusionsoft. You can add appointment time and dates to custom fields in your Infusionsoft contact records.
  • Any payment made in Acuity will be added to your Infusionsoft App.
Acuity Scheduling Certified Expert Badge

Acuity Scheduling ACE

We are proud to be Acuity Scheduling Certified Experts. We offer a complete ‘ACE Done For You’ Package!

We’ll handle the entire configuration process of your Acuity App. This includes everything from:

  • Appointment Types
  • Appointment Details
  • Your Calendar
  • Intake Forms

and so much more! We also work with your web developer to ensure that Acuity is integrated correctly with your website!

Infusionsoft Certified Consultant logo

Infusionsoft Packages

Infusionsoft is an online Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) that provides you with the tools you need for a customer database, marketing automation, product sales and sales funnels, landing pages, e-commerce, and so much more!

We can help you get started with our competitive Infusionsoft, and Keap rates.

We can also provide you with the coaching or support that you need to take full advantage of Infusionsoft or Keap.

Mocknick Apps

Custom API Solutions

Occasionally we are presented with challenges that require custom solutions. We offer the option to custom code the functionality that you need using the Acuity and Infusionsoft API. Schedule a call with us to see if your business requires custom API development!